Modular Kitchen Vs Semi-Modular Kitchen

Semi Modular Kitchen 3

Modular Kitchen Vs Semi-Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen - Citadil Interior

What is a Kitchen?

What is Kitchen? It is a room or a place where the food being is cooked, and sometimes it comes along with the small dining.
This place needs all the facilities to cook and keep the environment pleasant. The Shape and Size of the Kitchen were different from one house to another. But these have changed due to our Flat and apartment system.
Come Let’s explore and get more details about the Modular Kitchen and Semi-modular Kitchen.

Modular Kitchen

Basically Modular Kitchen has become a standard word among us. We say we need a modular kitchen we never had a second thought that we have a semi-modular kitchen too. Let us understand the difference

The modular Kitchen is a detachable self-contained unit. Each cabin is made as per the size and depending on the need of yours.
Even though we say it’s a minor difference, it makes a huge difference in look n feel and easy access.
Let’s understand the difference. Modular Kitchen -The one we can dismantle. Also comes along with the granite or marble countertop.
When the construction is ongoing itself we need to decide our needs. The builder or contractor will hand over the empty kitchen as per our request.
These are acquired only with the Factory made. Countertops are fixed along with the cabin. If you would like to move and re-fix it at any other place it will be the best option.
Semi Modular Kitchen 3
Modular Kitchen, with the help of technology and better understanding of the application. The industry had come up with the solutions.
Wastage space and corners are the major ones to resolve in the kitchen. The Interior design eliminates the inconvenience. The wastage of space ensures maximum utilization.
The higher possibilities that You can achieve the dream kitchen of your with the Sleek and Modular finish.
As this kitchen is a factory-made the finish at the edges is unpredictable. But it is the tendency of the high heat pressing of the pressing machine.

Semi Modular Kitchen

Most of us get confused with the term as we never use “Semi-Modular Kitchen”.

semi modular kitchen citadil interior
But almost all the kitchen in past days we established only with a semi-modular kitchen.
The Builder, contractor, or we request the kitchen along with the Granite countertop. To get the work done as it comes under civil work.
The designer has to work along with the prefixed civil structure, sink, slab, and counter top.
Since we never knew that the modular kitchen could be made along with the Cabinets and the modules.
Again this kind of kitchen could be traditionally made by the local carpenter as well as the factory.
When we decide to go on with our carpenters, we should be ready to accept the dust and dirt that would create. Sometime the unpredictable expenses too as they themselves would miss.

There will be a little different in the outlook as it is hand made. As a fact the finish couldn’t match the factory.


The durability of the ply should be longer. When compared with the factory-made than the carpentry. The life of the shutter, drawers, hinges, handles will prefer to be good quality. The warranties as they are the ones we use more. Durability also depends on the finish. However when the carpenter is ready to use the high-quality if the edges are not fixed it tends to affect the whole. There is a durability warranty on the factory-made.


When we decide to go with factory made Kitchen, the inconvenience in this is very minimal. As they measure and make it in their factory. Free from Dust, dirt and leftover woods and a messy rooms. They come back to our place only to fix it with the full setup and hardly the take 4-5 days to fix. While to speak about carpenter the process is totally different. Sometime it goes beyond the time they promised. It is done at the site. Advantage with the carpenter will be if you pop up with some new add-ons, It is done easily.


The estimate cost will be sometimes change when it comes to carpentry work. The reason behind this would be change in designs, incurring the more material than assumed. While in factory made modular kitchen the estimation and the cost will fixed before they start the work. They take care till the end. Comparatively Factory made Modular Kitchen / Semi Modular Kitchen are slightly on the higher price compared to the carpenters quote. At the end, Modular Kitchen is based on the functionality and the design which you Choose and wish to have.

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