Interior design ideas for 1 BHK flat in India

Interior design ideas for 1 bhk flat in India

Here are some great Interior Design ideas for 1 BHK Flat in India

Wondering how to work interior design for 1 BHK? Here! You go when you finish reading this whole blog you will get a clear picture of how to plan for your 1BHK flat.

Usually, If it is a 1 BHK flat the Carpet area will be around 400 sqft to 650 sqft.

When we start planning for space we should work on all the aspects. Colour you choose for walls, furniture, organizer Cupboards, and wardrobes.

Interior design ideas for 1 BHK flat

Interior Design ideas for 1 BHK

The interior design is the place where you’re investing the money for the next 15 years. So we need to plan the look and feel of your home.
You should get a clear idea of what we are going to have in our home. No stuffing the furniture and cupboards unnecessary.
Designing and decorating the 1BHK is a challenge, but we never say it is impossible. We should follow a few simple ideas which we will give us a big impact.
The very first thing we should be clear whether we have any extended balcony. Are we going to use them in a space in the flat?
Interior design ideas for 1 BHK Flat
  •      If we have one we can use them as a study place. Extended place of kitchen using it as a utility. The balcony itself if you’re a person who loves gardening which will bloom you every day.
  •      The first thing we will have in mind is not to shut or obstruct the natural light which falls on the house. Because the natural light is the one which adds shines to our design and décor and adds more positive vibes. 

Impacts of Colour

Interior design ideas for 1 Bhk flat in India
When it comes to the small space, we should be keener on the colour we choose. Wall painting, furniture and the curtains in lighter shades make space look bigger.
We recommend using a subtle – neutral colour. Like classic white, neutral tans, grey, sometime rich blue will also work for furniture. These colour will reflect the natural light, and our house will get an elegant and pleasant look.
Make sure the wall colours matches the fabric used in the curtain and the sofa (couches).

Organize your Furniture

Interior design ideas for 1 bhk flat in India
These are the days where we have more cute small furniture’s. And the trends have brought into foldable furniture.
Will work on the furniture with storage to maximize. Like bench with the storage, couch with storage, and cot with storage. which will fulfill your storage space too.
Wall-mounted, foldable furniture for bed, sofa cum bed. Dining table, TV, Crockery Unit even storages work on these aspects.
These works as a multifunctional furniture. They are compact too.
  • The dining table can be in two ways which come along the granite of the kitchen. Here space saved, with the long chairs.
  •  Tv unit as a wall-mounted serves the purpose of storage. Like speakers, setup box, add an indoor plant in a small pot which give the bubble look for your living room.

Panel divider gives spacious look

Interior design ideas for 1 bhk flat in India
Panels will help you using the open space between the rooms. So when it comes to open Kitchen u can use wooden paneling. It gives u a new and beautiful look.
This also comes on the MDF which will meet your budget.
The panels also work as a decorating idea in the space and work as a wall divider and gives elegant look.
The wall divider will be with carving and shows an effective look for space. Here also we can use white color.

Smart Storage Ideas

Interior design ideas for 1 bhk flat in India
Smart storages will work on the space that you have on a 1BHK flat/apartment. The best way to use the empty space on your walls.
The niches will help you to use them as storage and the display unit within the walls. We can use the niches as storage and the other side for a display. Which gives your space a perfect look.
The wall unit could be bookshelves. Cabinets at the storage below the washbasin and kitchen sink.

Added Tips to deor 1BHK Flat

False ceiling: False ceiling will be an added décor and which gives the room indirect lights.
Curtain: Use light colour with vertical designs and use beautiful tie-back rings
Ottoman: Use darky catchy coloured knitted ottoman or bean bag. which gives an awful look to your home. Ottoman’s the knits which work on the budget.
Mirror: Decorative mirrors reflect the space in an effective way.
Decorative lamps: Decorative lamps, spotlights in the false ceiling. These look attractive and make the ambience is great. Also, you Can add hangings near the balcony – wind chimes
Here where the Interior design ideas for 1 Bhk flat in India . Get in touch with us for more ideas
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